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With over 12 years of experience and the hard work of talented individuals, our teams are 1000% ready to make the BEST Top 10 videos for your selected niches. We specialize in creating engaging and effective Top 10 & cash cow videos in any type of niche. We have created more than 5000 plus cash cow videos in 50 different categories. Having a team of 15 channel managers we are capable to grow any channels using SEO organically and able to monetize a cash cow channel within shorter time of period. We understand that every project is unique and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their videos reflect their results.

Our videos include:

· Top 10 video (Full HD -1080P)

· Video trimming and cutting

· Licensed music & SFX

· Effects/transition

· Color correction/grading

· Text animation

· Motion graphics and animation

· Titles and captions


· Niche Selection

· Complete Channel Setup with optimization

· Channel Art( Logo + Banner)

· Engaging scripts

· Editing & content creation

· Voiceover in an American accent

· Viral title, tags and description

· Channel growth & management

· Fast track to monetization

Contact us for more details.

Voice over

Human Voice over, AI voice over


3 – 5 min, 8-10 min


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